Shop Small by sending your kiddos to cooking camp!!

Oh glory be, it is finally SPRING. The cold, long, dreary days of the winter sucked out all my internet mojo, but with the return of sandal season, I am back at it! Bring on the patios, sidewalk sales, festivals and farmers markets. To say I am excited would be an absolute understatement. Currently, the porch on my historic home is being ripped out and will be replaced this week and then I will truly feel like I am kicking off the best season of all — PORCH SEASON! (which is approximately Easter-Halloween) And then you can find me sipping on a cocktail and reading a magazine! But until then, its the marathon of end of school year spring stuff!


What else does a busy mom do in the spring? We find summer camps for our kids. All the camps. I am here today to tell you about a camp that my kids did last year that is AMAZING. It is a cooking camp and is just so fantastic because of the emphasis on whole, healthy and locally sourced ingredients all put together in a way that kids love and have so much fun. Tally Atkinson has a heart and a patience that I absolutely love and the children have an incredible time. I cannot say enough great things about this program!

I asked her to write a little about her camps so that I could share them with you! Sign your kids up! They can cook with local ingredients and you can use the free time to go hit up some local stores :)

From Tally Atkinson at Sharing Sustenance:


I got into teaching these classes because I saw for me personally, the life that came from preparing and eating REAL foods. My body has seen healing physically, I have more energy, and I saw some emotional freedom as well.  I wanted to share my knowledge with others so that they could have similar freedoms that I have, but most importantly, I wanted to show kids that healthful food doesn't have to taste bad. :) The skills and recipes that I teach are mostly all easy to prepare and so much fun! I hope to broaden horizons and minds with teaching common recipes that people will recognize, but often change up the quality of ingredients to make them the most healthful. Fresh, organic ingredients, unrefined sugars, ingredients found in nature in what I use here in the Sharing Sustenance kitchen.

This summer my cooking camps are:

  • "The Great Bake Off” - June 3rd-6th - Elementary Ages (6-10)

  • "A Farm to Table BBQ" - June 10th-14th - Youth Ages (11-18)

  • "Farmer’s Market Finds" - June 11th-13th - Elementary Ages (6-10)

  • “The ‘Real’ Baker” - June 17th-20th - Youth Ages (11-18)

  • "Cooking Around the World” - June 24th-28th - ALL Ages (6-18)


The baking camps will center around using fresh, whole grains and unrefined sugars, in a broad variety of sweet and savory recipes. The Farm to Table camps may just be my favorites! I will get almost ALL the ingredients from our local farmer's market in OKC and use those to make the delicious recipes. And then the cooking around the world camp is a fun way to try different cuisines, with a 'Real Food' twist! I hope to see you there at one or more camps! You can contact me at or

Click the link to follow her on Instagram! and visit her website at


Shop Small OKC *local artisan spotlight* Simple Designs

A quick note on SHOP SMALL OKC: 

When I was dreaming Shop Small into creation, one thing I wanted to do was to focus on the local artisans of our city.  The creators that didn’t necessarily have the capital for their very own store front, but had a passion to make something.  The products that find their way into your home from website sales, trunk show sales, booths at festivals and marketplaces.  Products that might just be carried in a local store… but also things that are garnering sales nationwide.  

These creators are the lifeblood of our city.  Collectively they are the very heartbeat of the city that drives us forward to innovate and evolve.  

Our support of them is CRITICAL.  Buying from a local artist, creator, maker, baker… this is the way that OKC supports OKC.  

So with that being said, let me tell you about Simple Designs.  I’m pretty sure that I started following Cristi Moore’s instagram feed soon after I began actively searching for people to follow for Shop Small.  Her designs are modern and organic, they are intricate yet simple, and they appeal to my personal aesthetic.  I would wear absolutely everything she creates.  Go visit Out on a Limb in the Plaza District or Serendipity or you check out her etsy website and you will see what I mean!  


Question & Answer with

Cristi Moore, founder of Simple Designs

Shop Small OKC:  When did your business open? 

Simple Designs:  I started designing and  making jewelry professionally about 4 years ago when my best friend opened her shop, Out On A Limb Boutique, in the Plaza. She needed a jewelry vendor and I had been creating pieces for myself already. She asked if I would make some to sell in her store.


Shop Small OKC:  What is your company’s specialty? 

Simple Designs:  Simple hand crafted jewelry with a boho chic vibe. I also take custom orders. I have worked with brides on bridal and bridesmaid jewelry. That is always so much fun.

Shop Small OKC:  Why did you go into small business/open your store? 

Simple Designs:  I fell in love with custom orders. Individuals were asking me to design special pieces just for them. I knew I wanted to do more of that, so I put myself out there and started marketing my jewelry and services. Jewelry is such a fun way to assert style or tell your story. It can be very personal (which is why I love custom orders). I especially love working with metal and stones. I enjoy being able to manipulate metal into so many different shapes. I adore working with raw stones because they make each piece of jewelry unique.

Shop Small OKC:  What accomplishment are you most proud of as a small shop owner? 

Simple Designs:  I’m still amazed that people actually want to wear my pieces. I feel proud when I run into someone who is wearing a piece I designed.


Shop Small OKC:  What is the biggest challenge of being a small shop? 

Simple Designs:  Time. I work a full time job in addition to the jewelry, I am working on my Master's degree, and I have two small children. It's hard to find time to do more involved pieces that require soldering and stone placing. They are some of my favorite pieces to do, so I try hard to squeeze them in to my busy schedule. ,

Shop Small OKC:  When you aren’t busy with your shop, what do you enjoy doing? 

Simple Designs:  Reading. I am a sci-fi/fantasy fanatic. I also love playing with my kiddos and goofing off with my husband.

Shop Small OKC:  Favorite OKC date night? 

Simple Designs:  My husband and I love to go to any of the local bars/pubs with our best friends (again, the owner of Out On A Limb and her hubby). We really enjoy FlashBack RetroPub or Roughtail Brewery.


Shop Small OKC: Favorite local thing to go/see/do? 

Simple Designs:  I like exploring the micro breweries with my husband (a complete beer fanatic) and spending time in the Plaza District. I know I'm a little biased, but I really do love Out On A Limb Boutique in the Plaza. I also really love Thrive Mama. And the food in the Plaza is the best.

Contact Information for Simple Designs:



Instagram: @simpledesignsokc

Facebook: @simple.OKC


Shop Small OKC at PAMBE Ghana's Global Market

Whew!  What a busy, crazy, wonderfully enchanting time of year. Please tell me that you have been shopping locally? Checking out the Midtown Pop Ups? Supporting small business??  I have had the blessing of the busy life that comes with having three kids during the holidays and battling to stay healthy during the cold and flu season that is upon us!  I have so many plans for this magical space and I wonder why I only get 24 hours in a day, but I will press on.  Small shopping is such a dear issue to my heart! 


Time is ticking away on this local spot, and I really feel like I need to come here and let you know about a very important place you must add to your holiday shopping list.  The Global Market benefitting PAMBE Ghana.  It is located in Midtown, on the first floor at the Sieber Apartment building, just North of the main entrance, in what was previously this historic building’s restaurant.  


The thing is, this place is seasonal!  You only have until 3:00 p.m. Christmas Eve to check out the magic that is here.  And this place IS magical.  It is exotic and special.  It is filled with handmade, fair-trade, and unique goods that will be a meaningful gift.  And two-fold: your purchase supports the incredible international, Oklahoma based non-profit, PAMBE Ghana


The organization, PAMBE Ghana, is one that is giving children in rural Ghana a chance to have a solid primary education.  I was really impressed after reading about the organization and the the founder, Alice Azumi Iddi-Gubbels.  I was equally impressed when I met the most kind and genuine people running the store and volunteering their time.  And I actually am going to publish this blog post and run out and buy a Bolga Basket right away because I literally cannot stop thinking about them.  And maybe a Nativity set too.  And maybe a Christmas ornament as well…  ‘tis the season to shop small, right?


If you are looking for a unique gift, I would encourage you to support local and shop the Global Market!  They are open Tuesday - Saturday from noon - 6:00 p.m. at 1307 N. Hudson and you can follow them on instagram and check out their website


Getting ready to Shop Small OKC on EMBARK's OKC Streetcar

Once upon a time, in my early 20s, I worked in Dallas in a big building at the end of the McKinney Avenue Trolley line. Before that, I used the DART train and bus system to get to my super hip internship in Dallas’ Deep Ellum. The whole experience felt so urban – taking public transit to grab a sandwich or for my commute to work.   

Photo from EMBARK

Photo from EMBARK

Well over a decade later, I still love that urban feeling.  I Uber.  I ride the Bird and Lime Scooters.  I always wish I could ride a Spokies, but I usually am pushing a stroller.  I check out public transit when I vacation. And you can bet I have been so excited about the OKC Streetcar.  I was so enthusiastic that I can tell you I didn’t even complain about the construction all through the areas in which I do life.  Now that the construction has cleared, the downtown districts have come alive. Just last weekend I was sitting at the top of O Bar, looking out over the newly installed rails, and thinking about how the streetcar is a game changer for those of us living and working downtown. 

Photo from EMBARK

Photo from EMBARK

I. Am. So. Excited!

Let me explain… I live within walking distance to Midtown. But with small kids at my side, Myriad Gardens is too far, and you can forget catching a movie or playing at Brickopolis in Bricktown if you’re on foot. Even Automobile Alley seems too distant. Everything seems like is just out of reach. But the OKC Streetcar changes things. With the streetcar, these amazing districts are suddenly within walking distance. It makes it easy for out of town guests to explore. It makes it easy for ME to explore.

Photo from EMBARK

Photo from EMBARK

And it is a smorgasbord of small business shopping.  It is shop after shop of ShopSmall OKC goodness.  It is access to some of my favorite places to eat, drink, shop and have fun. This streetcar will be a gateway to good things.

Photo from EMBARK

Photo from EMBARK

When I started the Instagram account for ShopSmall OKC, the OKC Streetcar (@okcstreetcar) account was one of the first I followed.  And when the folks from the Streetcar asked if I wanted to help them share what awesome promotions they had going on I was so excited!  Of course, I wanted to share what was happening!


So here is the scoop!  I have FOUR very important things to share:  

1.  Find a golden ticket!  There will be an exclusive special event sneak peek ride available to you by winning a golden ticket, and you all have the chance to win a golden ticket – for FREE! They’ve made it so easy!  On Saturday, the national small business shopping day, just visit participating businesses and get a free chocolate bar and see if yours has a golden ticket (there’s nearly 500).  Just like Wonka…but you don’t even have to buy a bar.

2.  Shop ’N’ Win!  All you have to do is shop! There’s more than 100 businesses, restaurants, watering holes and entertainment destinations on the 4.86-mile streetcar loop. This is the exciting part — as of Saturday, November 17 through the end of June, you can upload your receipts from merchants along the Streetcar loop and be entered in a weekly drawing for a $250 gift card from one of the Love the Loops Partners. The first drawing will be on Monday, November 26! You can learn more about the promotion here.  

3.  Rider Rewards!  This one is BEYOND easy. Just ride the streetcar. Starting Monday, December 17 through June 30, 2019, ten riders will be randomly selected to receive a $25 gift card to any Love the Loops partner! WHAT?!? That’s right 10 every week through June!

4. Grand Opening Celebration!  This isn’t for the faint-of heart. The OKC Streetcar is throwing a three-week party! From December 14 - January 5, the OKC Streetcar will be fare free AND they’ve partnered to make Downtown In December the best yet! You’ve got to check this out! This will be the best time to bundle up and check out this exciting area of Oklahoma City, and do your holiday shopping at small businesses.

ShopSmall is a way of life. It’s about our local shops, local brews, local eats, and local attractions. It’s absolutely magical out there this time of year so plan your shopping and support the local businesses that make Oklahoma City a wonderful place to live. Of course, ride the OKC Streetcar - it's soooo easy!

So go ahead and follow OKC Streetcar and EMBARK and visit their website… and gear up!  !  It's about to get RAIL! (see what I did there?)  

As if the deal couldn’t get any sweeter, I have a 1-month Streetcar pass for use in anyone that

●       Follows me

●       Shares this post and tags two friends

●       Posts a picture with their @OKCStreetcar Chocolate Bar

●       Uses Hashtags: #LovetheLoops #ShopSmallOKC

And…I have a top-secret listof all the places you can visit to find a chocolate bar — there are thousands of chocolate bars that need to be devoured this weekend, so make your small business Saturday plan right now.


Toy Shopping! Shop Small OKC at the Learning Tree

Did you know that when a certain, famous, big-box toy store shuttered recently, I was not sad?  Like, not even a teensy bit?  Would you like to know why?  Its because soon after moving here, I found the Learning Tree.  If you have any children in your life and you live in the OKC Metro area and you aren’t shopping here then you need to change your habits!  THIS STORE IS AMAZING.  


I can pretty much guarantee that all my children’s most beloved play things are from this store.  Its a store that features quality over quantity.  These toys last.  They are the kinds of toys that are well loved and then passed on to another friend or a younger sibling.  It is a store that knows children.  They know what kind of scooter will make my toddler’s heart sing.  Exactly what creative art kit will make my daughter light up with confidence.  And exactly what science toy my son will adore.  


We buy many toy gifts here —there is a section of the store that is laid out by age — how much easier does it get!? And we take advantage of our Keep It Local discount card.  They wrap my packages for me, so that I don’t have to worry about that extra step.  I have even called and had them wrap something so we could pick it up on the way to a birthday party.  They make it easy.  And when I come in with all my kids in tow, they welcome them!  The atmosphere is pure fun.  


And can I just add that not only is the selection amazing, the staff is also outstanding.  These are people who know kids.  They know the games they like to play.  The know what to suggest when you give a price range.  They know what to suggest when you give a style of play.  They know what to suggest when you describe your kiddo.  


I challenge you to search their inventory and not find something the child in your life would love.  The Learning Tree has been an Oklahoma treasure since 1985 and owner Patti Tepper-Rasmussen uses her Montessori background to really understand her customers - precious children and the ones that love them so much. 


When Patti isn’t in the store serving her customers with love, she is serving children by being active in two non-profits she is passionate about - Pambe Ghana and Rainbow Fleet.  Pambe Ghana is a remarkable non-profit that provides quality education in Northern rural Ghana and was started by a former Oklahoma City teacher.  Pambe Ghana gives us a chance to shop at their Global Market during the holidays at 1307 N. Hudson in Midtown and I can not wait to check it out.  Rainbow Fleet is an amazing asset to our community and is located in the Paseo and offers a wide range of services that benefit children.  I hear they have the most amazing toy library ever, but also provide a range of support for childcare providers and parents alike.    


The Learning Tree is conviently located on 7638 North Western in the Wilshire Village (1 block south of Wilshire) in Oklahoma City… follow them on Instagram, or visit their website or give them a call at 405-848-1415.

Shop Small OKC at the Museum: National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum Store

We need to talk about museum gift shops.  I personally think they are just the very best.  One day I will do an entire series of blog posts on how shopping at a museum gift store is such a smart move.  Seriously.  You have a focused shopping experience… its the best of the best.  And it most certainly is a local experience.  How better can you support the texture of your city than supporting the culture of the city?  Your purchase supports a local small business in a big way.  You don’t need to save museum shopping for a museum touring day - you can buzz in and find the best stuff all curated in one easy spot.  I dare you to prove me wrong.  I just can’t think of a disappointing shopping experience in a museum gift store. Art, science, history, nature - in big cities or small towns - a museum gift shop knows how to appeal to my heart.  


Case in point? The National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum.  Let’s just start by pointing out that this is an easy place to get to and find free, easy parking in the Adventure District.  No need to even tour the museum or buy a ticket (although, I personally do love a good wandering through.  And this museum is quite lovely and diverse.)  If you are in a pinch, you can visit their robust website as well… but if you can stop in you definitely must!  It is a beautiful store!


When I stopped by to do some shopping, I have to tell you, I was stunned at how large the store is.  It’s 4000 square feet of some of the most distinct merchandise you can imagine.  Its all the stuff you wanted to buy on vacation but didn’t know how to get back home.  Its truly stunning artwork, jewelry, clothing, books and even home furnishings.  There is a robust made in Oklahoma section, and there is seasonal decor including Christmas decorations and original ornaments.  Pendleton blankets!  Gorgeous coffee table books.  Kids toys.  I could literally go on and on.  Not to mention, they have art work and beautiful bronzes.  Their Native American made jewelry is one of the largest I have ever seen.  Simply stunning.  


This is the kind of store where you can buy something for everyone.  From a coffee mug to a future family heirloom, there really is something for everyone.  Personally, I fell in love with this jacket… and this blanket.  (And about seven other blankets.)  And a couple of the squash blossom necklaces… and the Frankoma Pottery.  Sigh.  I was actually overwhelmed at how many things I legitimately wanted to purchase just for myself after walking through the store.   


But the icing on the cake for me is the people who work in the store.  They embody the true Oklahoma spirit - friendly and helpful.  Exactly what you would expect to find in a store where your purchases support our collective Western culture. 


I asked store manager, Laney Carey, to tell me in her own words about this fantastic gem so you all could get a feel for the the museum store and learn a little about the personality behind the shop.    

NCWHMS:  The Museum Store at The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a premier destination shop of the finest handmade Native American jewelry, western wear and accessories in Oklahoma. Our wide range of exclusive collections from our authentic art to handmade jewelry represent the traditions and crafts of the old west combined with fashion-forward design, luxury goods, and handcrafted quality. Inspired by the Code of The West, we honor the virtues and passions of the western lifestyle that is uniquely American.

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum is a private museum with private funding. The Museum Store’s sales go toward preservation of the museum.


We want to be known as a destination shopping experience with great parking. Great place to shop for yourself and unique gifts. We have Made in Oklahoma products, Pendleton, authentic hand-made Native American Jewelry.


We still provide personal service to our customers and gift wrapping.

Also would like to make sure everyone knows they do not have to purchase a ticket to shop at the museum store. Offer close parking.


Also we really have worked hard to update our website with products that change daily.

So, follow them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest or visit them on their website.  Their phone number is 405-478-2250 x 228.  But most importantly, add them to your short list of local shopping.  You can thank me later!


Shopping Small at Nuvo Home 

Do you know how many times I have perused the Anthro home catalog or browsed Apartment Therapy or just gone down the deep rabbit hole of Pinterest… you know, all the amazing bohemian images of perfectly curated vignettes.  Do you know we have a place in Oklahoma City where you can find all of this? Feel the fabric, sit on the sofa… plan your space out and order just the right piece in just the right color.   


Do you know that you can find that whimsy and you can most likely be the only person you know with that amazing quality piece of furniture?  Or take home one of the many accessories that are so well displayed?  The perfect pillow, throw, or lamp… An amazing tassel even.  I love her rugs and I think she stocks some of the most unique bedding.  (and I am still dreaming of a dreamy fur throw I saw that makes me want to curl up with a book and tea…) 


You need to make sure Nuvo Home is on your radar.  Tracee Strong, the owner, is passionate about what she sells.  She is warm and inviting and she is the kind of store owner that really cares about her customers.  

If you need a gift, she’s got you covered.  If you need to add some seasonal whimsy to your home, she’s got that too.  


And art!  Simply stunning art.  Local art.  And you can find an amazing light fixture as well.  Honestly, its like walking through all the styled images you might have found on the internet.  The whole experience is delightful.  It is like stepping into the pretty pictures.  

Tracee brings those pretty pictures to real life — she plays fun music, she will let you browse solo or will listen to your story, and sometimes she has her adorable dog, Dazy, with her.  Nuvo Home is an asset to Oklahoma City.  She brings all the beautiful eclectic things to us so that we can add beauty to our homes and life.  


I sent Tracee some of my Shop Small OKC questions so that you could get to know her and Nuvo Home a little better — 

Shop Small OKC:  Tell me a little about your small shop

Tracee Strong:  Nuvo Home is almost 4,000 sf. Its small but I have big aspirations for the changing retail industry. I believe the way I can survive is to give the best service possible by offering free in-store consultations to better serve design needs. I carry inspiring furniture, art, rugs, and lighting that will help propel the customer into an easy re-styling process without being overwhelmed. 

Shop Small OKC:  When did your store open?

Tracee Strong:  November 16, 2016, I’m 2 years old this coming month :)

Shop Small OKC:  What is your store’s specialty? 

Tracee Strong:  Helping design clients and interior designers by offering the best design solutions available for the best price.

Shop Small OKC:  Why did you go into small business/open your store? 

Tracee Strong:  My design mentor Patricia Fransen passed away from cancer in early 2016. She taught me that I can do anything I put my mind, heart, and soul into. She was my biggest inspiration in opening my own store.

Shop Small OKC:  What accomplishment are you most proud of as a small shop owner? Tracee Strong:  Just opening my own business. That in and of itself has been my biggest accomplishment. The future can only tell if its been financially worth it but nothing can take that way from me. I truly believe the best is yet to come.

Shop Small OKC:  What is the biggest challenge of being a small shop? 

Tracee Strong:  In the home furniture side of business I not only compete with big warehouse stores(West Elm, Pottery Barn, Mathis Bros) but the mega online stores (Wayfair, Houzz) as well. People cant always compare apples to apples online and it can be overwhelming. I would like to become the *go to* place but also want to develop my online shopify store so that customers can have the “self-serve” gratification they get when clicking the buy button.

Shop Small OKC:  When you aren’t busy with your shop, what do you enjoy doing? 

Tracee Strong:  Design is life but I have an amazing family that I adore. They are my everything and I cherish every moment I get with them.

Shop Small OKC::  Favorite OKC date night? 

Tracee Strong:  I’m wanting to try Cajun Corner on Council Road, they owned my favorite Covell Park in Edmond (closed now).  I like to support local people. When we don't- they close and we don't get to enjoy them. Its imperative to support local! These are our neighbors!

Shop Small OKC:  Favorite local thing to go/see/do? 

Tracee Strong:  Riversport OKC is a fun outdoor activity. But, nothing beats going to watch my son play sports for his teams. He plays for Trae Young Elite Basketball, Edmond Sequoyah football, basketball, and tennis. Support your local school by going to the games!

Please go explore Nuvo Home and take home some of these treasures.  You can find Tracee’s store in Casady Square at 9235 N Pennsylvania Ave, The Village, OK and make sure to follow her beautiful Instagram feed @nuvohome and check out her website!  


Small Shopping at The Mill Shop and Co-Op

This interiors focused store in Casady Square is pretty special to me.  It was one of my first forays in diving all-in locally shopping in Oklahoma City.  The Mill Shop is woven with its sister company, Dovetail Studios, an interior design business that I can personally highly recommend. 


I actually first found this gem on Instagram.  We had just bought an old four-square in historic Mesta Park and I was overwhelmed with needing a literal house-full of furniture.  I had hired someone from out of state (!) to help me (because I was relatively new to the city) and things were going nowhere.  Completely stalled out.  I needed the help of someone locally.  *This was my first lesson in LOCAL IS BEST.*  I needed a literal place to sit down.  We were all sorts of desperate for actual chairs to sit in but patiently found someone that could help us along the way.  After interviewing several local options my husband and I decided on Natalie from Dovetail.  Dovetail introduced me to places around town I didn’t know existed.  I really started shopping locally.  

The Mill Shop is Natalie Turner’s and her business partner, Taylor Malone’s, shop.  I have been by the shop countless times, and I have gotten to know both Natalie and Taylor.  They are hard working, genuine ladies that care deeply about their projects.  They have impeccable on trend taste and you can find very unique and even locally sourced goodies throughout their store.  Everything is merchandised so well and there is an array of items from jewelry to gifts.  


The unique thing about the store is how full service it is.  You can order custom pillows.  You can hire Dovetail for your holiday decor install.  Or to style your home.  Or to do your custom build.  You can sign up for one of their workshops.  Succulent planting!  Wreath making!   But what is really unique is that while they have so much diversity and so much to offer, it all feels approachable and easy.  This store is authentic.    

But back to Instagram — The Mill Shop and Co-Op and Dovetail Studios feeds are fun, inspiring, realistic, and interactive.  If you enjoy following a well curated feed of lovely and authentic photos, this is one not to be missed.  And I watch all of their stories!  And their personal feeds!  Hahahaha! 


I asked the Mill Shop girls some questions so that you could get to know them —

ShopSmallOKC:  Tell me a little about your small shop —

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  Customers often ask us "What does Co-Op mean?" We added Co- Op to the end of our name because inside our little shop there are 2 companies, several local artisans and makers, we host workshops, and we collaborate with other local entrepreneurs.  The shop is eclectic and speaks to all and our goal is to provide something a little extraordinary for OKC.

ShopSmallOKC:  When did your store open?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  October 2016 

ShopSmallOKC:  What is your store’s specialty?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  We aren't your typical home interior interior designer's with design degrees from UCO, we are able to assist customers in selecting furnishings with more purpose.   

ShopSmallOKC:  Why did you go into small business/open your store?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  To accommodate our interior design clients from @dovetailstudio while filling a void for home decor stores in the OKC metro by providing eclectic and extraordinary finds. 

ShopSmallOKC:  What accomplishment are you most proud of as a small shop owner?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  In our short 2 years of business, we are most proud of the relationships that we have developed with our customers and local makers along with the continual growth of The Mill Shop and Co-Op and Dovetail Studio together as a whole.   

ShopSmallOKC:  What is the biggest challenge of being a small shop?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  With so many home interior stores locally, we feel that our biggest challenge is standing out in the crowd. 

ShopSmallOKC:  When you aren’t busy with your shop, what do you enjoy doing?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  We spend ALOT of time working with 2 newly established businesses but any spare time is spent with family.  

ShopSmallOKC:  Favorite OKC date night?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  

Natalie: Tokyo House Sushi

Taylor: Live music and anything in Midtown

ShopSmallOKC:  Favorite local thing to go/see/do?

The Mill Shop and Co-Op:  

Natalie: Taking my daughter, Izzy, on adventures to the zoo, the Science Museum, etc...also love attending Junk Hippy Road Show and Old Chicken Barn Show in Jones  

Taylor: Hitting up new local restaurants and breweries with friends and family   

You can check out the Mill Shop and Co-Op on their website (, Instagram (@themillshopandcoop and @dovetailstudiook) or go visit them in Casady Square (The Village) shopping center - 9207 N. Pennsylvania Avenue, Oklahoma City, OK 73120

Owners Natalie Turner and Taylor Malone

Owners Natalie Turner and Taylor Malone

Small Shopping at Siempre Viva

If there were a perfect small business to begin my Shop Small OKC project with, I feel like it is this one.  There is something magical about Siempre Viva.  I remember when I first was introduced to this line a couple of years ago at the very awesome holiday midtown pop-up shops.  It was a brisk winter day, but i was completely transported out of our country when I saw all that Siempre Viva offered.  


That day I met Sally, the owner, and was completely wowed by her vision and enthusiasm.  Her smile is contagious and you really need to follow her on Instagram and view her story highlights to see her in Mexico sourcing all her amazing goods from Mexican artisans. Sally is the kind of human that makes this world a better place — she cares about the social responsibility of the creations she sells - the artisans have opportunities, they are fairly compensated, she cares about the laborers and their working environment.  She cares about the quality and consistency of the product and she is involved in everything and so transparent about all of it.  


And the products - the clothes, the bags, the shoes, the gifts.  Y’all.  All of it is amazing.  It is chic, and current, and special.  Everything is just so special.    I literally want to buy it all.  Walking into the charming store you see so many tempting things.  The clothing is so flattering - shirts, dresses, skirts all look amazing on.  I couldn’t resist some of the one of a kind pieces that were sourced from a recent trip to Mexico.  And the pillows and tea towels were really charming as well.  And the children’s toys.  I could go on and on…   


It is the biggest kind of magic to think that shopping small at Siempre Viva adds value to our community and to the community of so many others.  It brings me such joy to know that there is a woman in Oklahoma who had a vision for something that brings design and beauty and culture and sustenance to so many people in so many ways.


I asked Sally a few questions so that you all could learn a little more about her small business

ShopSmallOKC:  Tell me a little about your small shop 

Siempre Viva:  Siempre Viva is an ethical boutique, that sources products that have been personally vetted by me, according to my standards that reflect the Fair Trade Principles.

ShopSmallOKC:   When did your store open?

Siempre Viva:  We opened our Brick and Mortar in August of 2017, but Siempre Viva just turned 3 this summer! 

ShopSmallOKC:  What is your store’s specialty? 

Siempre Viva:  Our specialty is curating goods that have been produced ethically. We ask the hard questions, so that you don't have to.  

ShopSmallOKC:  Why did you go into small business/open your store?

Siempre Viva:  I knew I wanted to create change in communities in Mexico that had given a lot to me as a vulnerable teenage exchange student. 

ShopSmallOKC:  What accomplishment are you most proud of as a small shop owner?

Siempre Viva:  I am most proud of employing 28 families full time and landing Nordstrom as a client. 

ShopSmallOKC:  What is the biggest challenge of being a small shop?

Siempre Viva:  The biggest challenge is managing the supply chain while maintaining the funding to keep all of our families working. 

ShopSmallOKC:  When you aren’t busy with your shop, what do you enjoy doing?

Siempre Viva:  I love to hang out with my twin boys, Silas + Cruz and I practice yoga daily. 

ShopSmallOKC:  Favorite OKC date night?

Siempre Viva:  Our favorite date night is to the Jones for dinner and live music. 

ShopSmallOKC:  Favorite local thing to go/see/do?

Siempre Viva:  My favorite local thing to do attend the local pop-up shop markets to support other entrepreneurs from my community. 

Follow her on Instagram at SiempreVivaClothing and check out her website where you can subscribe to her newsletter and get a generous discount on some online shopping or in store!  Her charming brick and mortar store is in Automobile Alley at 3 NW 9th Street.

Shop Small OKC :: Exciting Progress

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